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Playing An Entire Song With One Note

This is the easiest thing to set up and it is my favorite way to brainstorm when I’m making a new song. Before I tell you that, I want to as usual approach the subject by zooming out.

Mixing And Mastering in Ableton -10 Tips On Great Sound

The first thing you should know with a domain like mixing and mastering is that everyone’s process is different.¬† While there are things that you pretty much should do (like using a limiter, checking your track in mono while mixing,

If You Hate DJing With A Laptop (Free Ableton DJ Template)

If You Hate¬†DJ’ing With A Laptop (or How DJing With Ableton Is¬†Fun) First of all, if it’s an image thing and you don’t feel cool doing it, who cares?¬† If what you’re playing sounds good and you bring up the

The Hardest Thing About Learning Ableton… opening the program up. Anyone who’s been making music for long enough, trying to fit in writing music in the few free hours they get in the day after school or work will tell you that.

Playing Live in Ableton With Just A MIDI Keyboard

There are likely tons of ways you can play Ableton live –as in ‘in the moment,’ before an audience. ¬†You could just hit play on your own songs and DJ them, but what fun is that?

How I Learned To Make a Cover of Any Song in An Hour

I think it was christmas in 2009, maybe, when I got the idea to make a rendition of that sorta creepy, bouncy christmas jam by Tchaikovsky, “Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy” that my mom always put on around christmas time.


Free Ableton Rack #1 – Disclosure-esque Softsynth : Liquid Pegasus Farfisa

The farfisa was a popular organ from the 1960′s on, and had a revival in the ’90s with groups like Stereolab and Komeda. ¬†It’s an instantly recognizable, lounge-y sound, perhaps best showcased in this Stereolab song from their album.

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