The farfisa was a popular organ from the 1960′s on, and had a revival in the ’90s with groups like Stereolab and Komeda.  It’s an instantly recognizable, lounge-y sound, perhaps best showcased in this Stereolab song from their album.

GarageBand, which comes packaged with most Macs, has a MIDI instrument in it that you can tweak to get a pretty similar sound to the Farfisa.  You may have heard it in some soul or jazz or psychedelic music from the ’60s, but here Liquid Pegasus has repurposed it and added some more capabilities to the sample.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 9.01.49 PM

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A lot of these effects you might associate with House / UK Bass / Funky / Deep House or basically anything coming out now stateside that is blending hip hop and r&b with modern techno-based sounds.  Disclosure’s new album was what inspired me to make this.

Feel free to open the link on youtube, and in the description I link to the parts in the video where I am tweaking stuff.  Combined with Liquid Pegasus “Soulwave Chords” rack this rad sounding softsynth makes a perfect rack for making modern stuff with soul and some grittiness to it.


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