There are likely tons of ways you can play Ableton live –as in ‘in the moment,’ before an audience.  You could just hit play on your own songs and DJ them, but what fun is that?

People want to see some effort, they want you to sweat, and don’t you kind of want to give them something to watch?

I asked Liquid Pegasus if he would show us his setup when playing live, something he is still figuring out for himself.  For him it involves assigning things to the computer keyboard (using Ableton Live key mapping) and automating a few things so he can keep his hands free to play the different parts on his MIDI keyboard.

Here’s what he said:

I’m preparing for a live show and wanted to figure out a way to play live that isn’t just me pressing play on stuff.

I set up empty clips with effects and parameters already baked in and then hit that empty circle thing at the top to overdub record in the lines live and then they loop. Also used record quantization to make it nice & tight.

Liquid Pegasus is using two operator synths that I will put up for free download soon on the site –the Liquid Pegasus operator bass and the Liquid Pegasus operator synth. Both have a modern sound with a touch of gritty funk to them.  Obviously I recommend using them with the Soulwave Chords MIDI rack I made.


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