This is one of the best in the series of free Ableton instrument racks offered to us by Liquid Pegasus. ¬†A Kalimba is an African thumb piano consisting of a half-cantaloupe looking piece of wood hollowed out with several thin metal sporks coming off of it (maybe fifteen or so?). ¬†Because it is African I’m not sure if it follows the same scale as, say, a piano. ¬†But it does sound beautiful. ¬†So I took some time and effort laying a bunch of samples from a real kalimba into the Ableton sampler and made this rack.

It is super versatile and works on anything from a melodic trap song to an icy ’80s synthwave track to a deep house / bass track. Take a listen:

Here it is with my Soulwave Chords rack and an arpeggiator:


Here it is used in a Synthwave-esque track:

Here it is used in a Soulection-esque Trap track:

I worked in plenty of knobs that nicely tweak the original samples so you can make this thing sound much like a regular synth. ¬†Or you might sound like famed Kalimba player Paco Sery whose name is the secret password to enter to download this for free. ¬†It’s a beautiful rack and I’m pretty proud of it, and it goes perfectly with my Soulwave chords MIDI rack. ¬†Because it sounds so good with an arpeggiator, I baked that into the rack itself and you’ll see it’s controls in the parameters.

Pick it up here!

Liquid Pegasus Kalimba

Liquid Pegasus Kalimba – Ableton Buddy Rack #3

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