The latest in the series of Ableton instrument racks offered up by Liquid Pegasus, who tells us¬†“I was shooting for that groovy, bubbling sort of Arp / Acid / 303 bass¬†sound¬†that you hear in Disclosure’s ‘Defeated No More’ track…”

I know it seems like trying to ride the coattails of some group’s fame by using their name to describe some sound you made, but… Disclosure’s sound really was the inspiration for this synth, we can assure you.

“Mine has more sass to it on the high end, so to get that gulpy sound like in the Disclosure track, you’d just mess with the cutoff and resonance a bit. Here is what I came up with…”


Download the rack here:

Ableton Buddy House Bass

Ableton Buddy House Bass




ALERT! This requires the download of TAL’s Ele7tro VST which is totally free and available here on their site:


TAL Ele7ro VST Download 


Enjoy, and let me know what you did with it!


-Ableton Buddy

4 Comments » for Ableton Instrument Racks #4 – Disclosure Style Bass

  1. tyler says:

    halp! i downloaded this rack, but when i open the zip, the .alp file disappears and I haven’t had any luck finding it to place in a project. How do i fix this?

  2. fred says:

    Hi, not anymore free?

    • josh@abletonbuddy.com says:

      No, sorry. This one took a lot of engineering and so I am charging for it. But $5 is pretty cheap don’t you think?

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