Back in 2009 I got this pack of 200 different vintage drum machine sounds from a friend and since then I haven’t downloaded a single pack of beats loops or samples. I haven’t needed to. So now I’m sharing this with you. Over 100 folders packed with individual wav samples of drum machines ranging from the Acetone Rhythm Ace to the Yamaha Typhoon. Also included are several Linn Drums and the amazing Oberheim (that jackin’ rimshot, and that clap ooh!).

7,701 WAVs of Drum Machines

Here’s a playlist I threw together of some current tracks that use some of the sounds you’ll find in there, including some of my own tracks:

Anyway, there are 7,701 wav files in here (337mb total) and I am hoping you find some real treasures in there.

These are on sale now for $10 for a limited time, so pick them up now here:


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