This is the next in a series of free Ableton samples. This sample pack captures the warm, gritty bubbly deep bass that the Juno 106 is able to produce. I have put minimal effects on to boost the audio quality as well.
The Roland Juno 106 (as well as the Juno-6 and Juno-60) is the most iconic and widely used synth in ’80s inspired music and early house and electro.

These are samples taken directly from a Juno 106 that I actually found laying on the sidewalk in Tokyo one day! I picked it up, cleaned it and had it fixed and now delivering it’s goodness to you.
Like all Juno-106′s, this was manufactured with a faulty voice chip (probably why it was being thrown out) but I paid $70 and had a new one put in. Make some jams with it, let me know what you make:

Download Ableton Buddy Sample Pack – Juno 106 Bass


3 Comments » for Ableton Samples #2 – Juno 106 ’80s Bass Synths

  1. Dirty Juno bass synths

  2. suca says:

    is not free!!!

    • josh@abletonbuddy.com says:

      That’s true, I know the section is called ‘free’ because that is how I started the page out, but some things that I spent a lot of time on (like the Juno 106 pack) I charge for. But its only $5, that’s not too pricey, right?

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